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Regulation of dogs in our neighborhood is under the jurisdiction of DeWitt Twp. Here's a link to the ordinances.


In an effort to keep the
Association looking great, our Association members must all comply with our development's Covenants and Restrictions. If you have not read these documents lately, please click on this link.


Click here to examine the Common Area Acceptable Use Policy. Click here for a map showing the common areas.

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There are 300 properties in our two neighborhoods, with an active Neighborhood Watch program and a Board that is here to serve you. We sponsor events throughout the year, and see to it that our lush and vibrant common areas are well-maintained.

Feel free to click on the Board page and contact any one of the Officers, or simply email us at with any questions or concerns, or just to say, hello!

2:40 a.m Jan. 26

Security Alert

Someone got their lock checked. Ring says it was within 0.6 miles of Hidden Spring Trail and Hidden Ridge, so for sure it's Hills or Hills East.

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Know the Township rules on clearing your sidewalks:

  • Sidewalks and shared use pathways shall be cleared from a path of at least 36” in width from the outside edge (roadside)
  • Snow and ice shall be removed from sidewalks or shared use pathways within 24 hours after accumulation or drifting of snow, sleet or freezing rain or by the beginning of business hours of the next day, whichever is shorter to ensure passage​
    • Exception provided when the wind chill is below zero degrees Fahrenheit
  • In the event of a significant snow or ice event, an additional 48 hours shall be allowed for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks or shared use pathways.
    • Significant snow/ice event means a period of snowfall of 6 inches or greater within a 24-hour period or ice formation of greater than ¼ of an inch.

Feel free to contact the Planning Department at 517-669-6576 if you have any questions or are in need of any clarifications.

Notice too that there is no exemption for snow packed by one driving over the sidewalk - this should be cleared as well.


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Downed trees? Trash bins left outside? Trailer in driveway? Founain not working?

Report these and any other happenings with our handy form!

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