Springbrook Hills and springbrook hills East HOMEowners ASSOCIATION

There are 13 different sets of covenants (deed restrictions) for our subdivision. Each construction phase varies slightly in the covenant language. 

In order to find your phase, click here. Find your lot on the map and identify your phase. Note that there are 6 phases in Springbrook Hills and 7 phases in Springbrook Hills East.

Then, click the corresponding link from the table below. Some phases had amended language filed and thus there are two links for those, "A" and "B".

 Springbrook Hills Springbrook Hills East
 Phase 1 A
 Phase 1
 Phase 1 B Phase 2 A
 Phase 2 A Phase 2 B
 Phase 2 B Phase 3
 Phase 3 Phase 4
 Phase 4 Phase 5
 Phase 5 Phase 6
 Phase 6 Phase 7

Members violating specific covenants (see first warning letter linked here) will receive the warning letter. Subsequent violations will result in a $20 processing fee.

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